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Astonishing similarities between the Brahma Kumaris and Islam

Evil has various forms. Some of them are so subtle that it is hard to believe that they may turn into the most horrible acts of terror and violence. The examples of this have been described well in the scriptures. In the Ramayan Ravan assumed a form of an innocent saint. In the Bible the Pharisees were perceived as pious devotees. There are lots of stories describing the worst devils in the sweetest and most innocent forms. Is there any reason of this?

A glance on the white-clad sisters of the world famous Brahma Kumari University must have certainly prompted many in the Indian society to think about the similarity between the Brahma Kumaris and Christians, but the relationship between the Brahma Kumaris and Islam (the religion of Abraham) will certainly sound astonishing to anyone.

As per the knowledge spread by the Brahma Kumari Vidyalaya this is the 5000-year cycle of the human world, in which the duration of paradise, i.e. Golden Age and Silver Age is 2500 years. Similarly, the duration of hell, i.e. Copper Age and Iron Age is also 2500 years. There was only one Aadi Sanatan Devi-Devata Dharma (Deity Religion) in paradise, when the form of religion was just a way of living a pure life without any ostentation. Later on, when in the Copper Age human souls become body conscious and the sorrows, restlessness increase, first of all Islam (the religion of Abraham), then Buddhism and next Christianity are established. Later, in the Iron Age the Muslim religion, the Sanyas religion, Sikhism, Arya Samaj and atheism, i.e. communism are established. When it comes to the maximum degradation of all religions, the Supreme Father Supreme Soul Shiva comes in India in the Confluence Age, i.e. the confluence period of the Iron Age and the Golden Age. Heunites the souls of the entire world through Jagdamba (the World Mother) and Jagatpita (the World Father) and reestablishes the almost extinct Deity Religion and heaven.

As it is taught in the teachings partially revealed by the Brahma Kumaris the shooting or rehearsal of the 5000-year drama takes place in the Confluence Age itself. The shooting or rehearsal of the beliefs and traditions in every religion can be seen in the family of Brahma Kumar Kumaris. Just like the members of the Brahma Kumari, especially the sisters in their centers, exhibit Christian traits by wearing white clothes, renouncing the bindi, lighting candles, manipulating information, cutting tapes, organizing conferences, fairs, debates, using advertisement etc., similarly the shooting of Islam, which is established in the Copper Age also takes place among the Brahma Kumaris.

The Supreme Father Shiva has taught the Brahma Kumaris that one should remember the Supreme Soul in every breath, so one could become completely pure, free, healthy, happy and wealthy. However, after the demise of Dada Lekhraj alias Brahma a senior Brahma Kumari initiated the tradition of remembering the incorporeal Supreme Soul five times a day with the help of songs. It was called ‘traffic control songs’. Any person who has experienced staying in the Brahma Kumaris centers , for instance in Mount Abu, must have noticed this fact. Actually, this is the rehearsal of the tradition of offering Namaz-like songs five times a day in Islam. The related point from the teachings of the Supreme Father is: ‘One should not sing songs, actually, one should not listen to songs, either’.

Similarly, one cannot find a precedent of building a samadhi (tomb) as a memorial of any member of the Brahma Kumaris organization ever since its establishment till 1968. After the demise and funeral ceremony of Dada Lekhraj alias Brahma, the Chief of Brahma Kumaris had a tomb of Brahma built in the premises of the headquarters. In this way she turned the place into a graveyard. This was another act against the teachings of Supreme Father Shiva.  Even today the members of the Brahma Kumaris remember the body of Dada Lekhraj instead remembering the Supreme Father Shiva. They think and teach the others that by remembering the dead Brahma they can meet the Supreme Father. They removed from the teachings narrated by Shiva through the body of Brahma all the points that were revealing Shiva’s new part and announced that when Brahma died the Supreme Father also left. However, the Supreme Father Shiva, who is the father of all the religious fathers, cannot leave his task unfinished. In the 100-year Confluence Age he has to use two humans bodies, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to accomplish his tasks. He himself explained this in his teachings, so that every man could recognize him, come to him and learn from him.

Related points from the teachings of the Supreme Father Shiva:

  • It is said for Shankar that he opens his eyes in a second and the destruction takes place, isn’t it? This is an indication of Sanhaarimoort (destroyer of evil). (A.V. 11.7.70)
  • The part of Shankar is certainly going to be played, but actually the shaktis play the part of destruction. Shankar is not supposed to play this role. (A.V. 9.10.71)
  • Now the father says, ‘I too have a part in the drama.’ Establishment through Brahma, destruction through Shankar. (Mu. 19.3.87)
  • Baba has also explained about Shankar that he does not have such a big part. This does not mean that Shankar should be omitted. There is the picture of the Trimurti, isn’t there? (Mu. 24.9.75)
  • One should not keep even a photo of this one here (i.e. Brahma). Some children ask for Baba’s photo. So Baba understands that they do not remember Shivbaba. That is why they asked for his photo. (Mu. 24.1.75)

Until Dada Lekhraj and Mother Saraswati were alive, they used to give spiritual drishti (looking into the eyes of the spiritual children during practice of remembrance) to the members of the Brahma Kumaris organization. They were playing the role of the mother and father to the brothers and sisters present in the spiritual gathering.  They used to play roles of instruments to help children experiencing the soul and the Supreme Soul Shiva. Their doing this was right, because the Supreme Father, the one who purifies the impure souls, was present in the body of Dada Lekhraj alias Brahma till 1968. However, after the demise of Dada Lekhraj, the chief of the Brahma Kumari continued the tradition of giving drishti to others. The other Brahma Kumaris following in her steps also started giving and receiving drishti both with the members or the people from outside calling it ‘teaching of raja yoga’.  The exchange of drishti among human souls (all the souls are sinful and impure at the end of the cycle) is against the teachings of Supreme Father Shiva. This acts of the Brahma Kumaris led to the downfall of values not only in the organization itself, but also in their environment. Actually the tradition of drishti exchange and calling it raja yoga is the rehearsal of polygamy in Islam that starts from Abraham in the Copper Age. If we look at the Indian history, we will come to know that the tradition of polygamy was not common among Indian kings before the arrival of Muslim rulers. There are exceptions to this fact described in mythological stories, but we know now that all the stories, scriptures, traditions and so on are memorials of the present Confluence Age.

Related points from the teachings of the Supreme Father Shiva:

  • Baba says, “I give sakaash (vibrations) to every soul. I give light to them sitting in front of them. You will not do this, will so? (Mu. 21.3.89)
  • Eyes deceive a lot […] One must keep these eyes under control. (Mu. 16.7.70)
  • Very good children from very good centers also have a criminal eye. (Mu. 17.8.70).
  • Nobody can say that his or her eyes don’t do any criminal work. If they (the eyes) becomes civilized, what else remains to be achieved. Although they do not indulge in sex, but the eyes keep deceiving us to some extent, until we attain the karmateet stage. Mu. 16.8.70.

On the path of devotion in the Indian religions there is a tradition of worshipping the corporeal forms of God. In Islam, Christianity and other religions people believe in God in the form of incorporeal light. After the demise of Dada Lekhraj in 1969, the tradition of displaying the photographs of Dada Lekhraj and Mother Saraswati started in the Brahma Kumaris centers.  In fact, it was the shooting of the worship of the deity couples, like Lakshmi Narayan or Radha Krishna. After some time the head of the Brahma Kumaris at that time encouraged everyone to display only pictures of Brahma along with the Supreme Soul Shiva point of light above him. By doing this she again displayed Islamic sanskars (traits). Islam and all the religions of the left side in the Tree of Humanity accept God only as a point of light. They don’t accept him in his chariot of a human body. Further, the religions of the left side do not follow the path and law that the Supreme Father establishes in this world. This is the path of pravritti, meaning the path of household where the mother and father are equally respected, have equal rights and their roles and responsibilities are valued equally. All the religions of left side proved in their history that they disregard the part of the mother. It started from Abraham and was followed by Christ, Mohammad and others along with their followers. The soul from the Brahma Kumaris that contributes the most in the rehearsal of Islam, becomes the root-soul of Islam. In the next cycle at the beginning of the Copper Age its body will become the base for Prophet Abraham. The soul playing the part of Abraham will enter and play its part and will initiate the left side of the Tree.

Supreme Father Shiva playing his part after 1969 through the medium of Shankar enables the realization and deep understanding of these and other facts. He is narrating the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the world drama cycle, he is explaining how the shooting of the unlimited human show takes place, how it comes to explosion of violence, anger, hatred, immorality among humans. He is also guiding this great task of world transformation from Uttar Pradesh, India.

Now think well, if these apparently ‘innocent’ acts of disobedience to the teachings given by the Supreme Father  have such terrible consequences in the entire drama wheel like polygamy, gender discrimination, marital infidelity, spreading false image of God, what will be consequences of the other acts performed by the Brahma Kumaris. Can they bring about spreading Islam across the world and cause a real war?

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